Five Qualities of Every Great Housekeeper

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A Housekeeper is responsible for running every aspect of your home. Cleaning, organising and managing a house requires a lot of key skills. Here, we’ve broken down the five main qualities of every great housekeeper!

Working to the highest of standards:

The best housekeepers strive to deliver top quality work. Attention to detail is vital when cleaning, doing laundry, and performing specialist tasks like wardrobe management or caring for antiques. Housekeepers must be great at going the extra mile, whilst also working efficiently to get everything done within a reasonable time frame. The best housekeepers guarantee that all their work is completed to both yours, and their own, high expectations. 


An amazing housekeeper takes the initiative when it comes to managing your home. As well as performing regular duties, a great housekeeper will also spot what needs doing and adapt their working style to your home and lifestyle, learning as they go. They don’t just rely on a to-do list you’ve provided: they’re proactive and know when to take action.


Top organisational skills play a key part in the repertoire of any great housekeeper. Developing strategies and systems to keep the home organised is a must - be it rotating which rooms are deep cleaned, or maintaining furniture and polishing silver and brass at regular intervals to keep everything in top working order. Time management is also a big part of housekeeping, and all great housekeepers know how to organise and plan their days to ensure maximum efficiency.

Committed and Caring:

A great housekeeper puts care and effort into everything that they do. They don’t cut corners or prioritise speed over quality. Employing a housekeeper is a very personal experience, as they will work in your home and alongside your family. Knowing that your housekeeper cares about their work and will operate with discretion and loyalty is a fundamental part of the job.

Expert knowledge:

It goes without saying that a great housekeeper knows what that they are doing. They have excellent knowledge of how to use and take care of equipment, or how to handle a red wine stain vs a coffee stain on your favourite rug. They can expertly maintain antiques and manage wardrobes. They have the skill and experience to handle unpredictable situations and the leadership qualities to organise other staff or tradesmen. Either from years of experience, or from completing dedicated courses and qualifications, a professional housekeeper is truly an expert at what they do.

Finding the perfect housekeeper for you can be a challenge, as every single role is unique. At HomeOrganisers, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect fit. Contact us today about our amazing housekeeping and housekeeper/nanny, and nanny/housekeeper roles!


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