Three Qualities of every Great Housekeeper/Nanny and Nanny/Housekeeper:

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Being a Housekeeper/Nanny or Nanny/Housekeeper is not easy. Undertaking both childcare and housekeeping duties to an incredibly high standard requires a candidate who is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Here, we’ve dived deep into what it takes to be an outstanding Housekeeper/Nanny:


Unlike a pure Nanny or a pure Housekeeper, a Nanny/Housekeeper or Housekeeper/Nanny (with the emphasis to suit the employer) is responsible for childcare and also looking after the entire house. This means that as well as being in charge of the children’s well-being, a Nanny/Housekeeper is also responsible for family laundry, cleaning the entire home and ironing, among others.

 Staying on top of all this requires great organisational skills. Timekeeping, prioritising and having a plan are all vital to getting everything done to the highest standard.

Loves what they do:

Childcare and housekeeping both require 100% energy, and the perfect candidate will love spending time with children – making sure that they have everything that they need, are cared for, eat nutritiously and have fun, safe and educational activities to fill their day. Equally, a great candidate will also have a passion for housekeeping: organising a wardrobe, of cleaning a room so that everything sparkles, of taking pride in ironing and doing laundry.

Boundless energy and enthusiasm:

Being a Nanny/Housekeeper means that you are always on the go. Be it helping a stay-at-home parent whenever they need an extra pair of hands, or leaving the house to do the school-run or food shopping, there is never a dull moment. Great Nanny/Housekeepers have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on the variety each day brings and do their best possible work.

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