Candidate Summary FAH120523

Location: Aylesbury, Bucks – will relocate anywhere

Languages: English

Driver: Driver with own car

Number of years’ relevant experience: 6 years

Live-in/Daily: Live in

Part-Time/Full-Time: Full time

DBS: Basic DBS, happy to do enhanced DBS

Preferred position: Nanny, Nanny/Housekeeper, Mother's Help

Availability /notice period: 2 weeks



I am an outgoing, trustworthy, fun person. I love how rewarding my job is and take pride in raising polite, kind, intelligent children to help set them up the best I can to reach their goals and achieve all they put their minds to. I'm firm, but fair and try and install a good routine. I am always thinking of fun and exciting activities to do to keep the child engaged and learning. I have over 5 years’ experience and have been so lucky to work with amazing families. I use my initiative and understand when it is family time and ensure the children have that time with their parents. I am happy to travel, I am a confident driver with a clean driver’s licence and always happy to help with babysitting duties.

I am looking for a role where I build a great respectful relationship with the parents as well as child. I have been very lucky with every family I have worked for and have been welcomed in like a part of the family.

I care. I have the children’s best interests at heart and will care and help to raise them as best as I can. Children are fantastic and I learn from them as much as them from me, it’s the most fun, rewarding, no day is the same job there is and I wouldn't change it.

A typical day

Arrive at the house for breakfast, I usually play a little game with the eldest whilst she eats and make sure her little brother is eating his breakfast, then we have a quick wash and brush teeth and then get dressed for school, I leave the eldest to do this herself now whilst I sort her brother, we then head off to school, always walk if the weather is nice. Once the eldest is dropped off, myself and the youngest head to the park, soft play or play dates with other mums or nannies. We then head home and have lunch, where he will usually have a nap if he hasn't already in the car/walk home. Once we collect his sister, they will both chill on the sofa with some fruit and watch children’s programmes to wind down before dinner, sometimes the eldest likes to help me which is more than ok and I always give her the option and give her some jobs to do. Sometimes we make something for pudding together and do some baking which they love, they get messy, but its brilliant for them to get involved. I then get them in the bath and do teeth and then choose a book each, we then snuggle in the eldest bed and read all together, little one has a warm milk and will sleep before the book is over and the eldest will settle herself. I usually head off about 7pm once I have tidied the kitchen and dining room.