International Placement Service

We use a personal approach for every search. A quality nanny or domestic placement relies on not only matching location, work hours, and duties, but also personalities, lifestyles, and moral values. Chemistry and compatibility between a family and a nanny or domestic worker are essential to a successful placement and rewarding working relationship.

We conduct a full, individualised search for every client.

English Speaking Nannies for Overseas Placement

HomeOrganisers supply English speaking nannies all over the world. Only the best nannies and domestic staff are recruited and supplied for overseas positions.

International Placement Service

Our International recruiters will begin the search for the best child carers for your position, when  you have completed the International Placement Registration Form.

Our Process-Step by Step

Job Description and Search

After reviewing your completed International Family Registration Form and with reference to our various phone conversations, we draft a precise job description aimed to attract the right type of candidates. We present your job possibility to our candidates who have already registered and passed our comprehensive screening and we also apply our proven recruitment techniques to attract new candidates.

Our search is thorough and we aim to consider all viable candidates from various sources.

Matching Logistics

We ensure that every candidate we recommend has the required experience and credentials, is available to work the hours needed, and is able to commit to the anticipated length of employment.

Matching Character and Values

We select candidates for recommendation that have the type of character that will blend in well with your family profile and dynamics. We recommend the candidates who understand and respect your family lifestyle, share similar family values, and have strong work ethics.

Motivation and Commitment

We spend time reviewing your job description with potential candidates to determine if the available position is a good fit and determine the elements of the position that attract the candidate. We are looking for a strong match between your position requirements and candidate expectations as well as high levels of interest and motivation.

Without doubt, the success and length of a working relationship depends on the happiness and fulfilment of both the employer and the employee.

Short listed Candidates

We recommend the short listed candidates for your position by submitting the original CV.  We highlight the candidate’s strengths and relevance to your job requirements.

If time is of the essence, we are able to send this information to you as and when we find a good match, otherwise, we send a short-list of selected candidates.

Job Interviews

We coordinate and arrange all candidate interviews for you, handling all scheduling, confirmation, and communication. All initial interviews with overseas families are conducted over Skype or similar. After interviews, we contact you to get your feedback on the candidates and share our insights. We also contact all interviewed candidates for their feedback.

Some families like to organise a second Skype interview and others prefer to organise a personal interview. If a candidate is required to travel internationally to an interview, travel and accommodation and reasonable subsistence expenses are usually paid by the client.

Making the Job Offer

We serve as the liaison between you and the selected candidate in the job offer process. We help negotiate salary, holiday, confirm the employment start date, and finalise any other important matters.

  • Employment law varies depending on where the candidate is to be employed. When drawing up a Contract of Employment, HomeOrganisers advises clients to seek professional advice from an employment lawyer within the country where the candidate will be working. HomeOrganisers does not provide international employment contracts.
  • Please note that as an employer, you will solely be responsible for the researching and for the successful application for your nanny visa on their behalf (should this be required).
  • Many candidates expect their package to include return flights to the UK.

 Full Candidate Information

We provide you with full contact information for your hired candidate, including home address, phone numbers, and email address. We also send you a copy of your new employee’s driver’s licence or government-issued ID. 

We request copies of passports, identity cards, and references. If, due to logistics,we have not seen an original passport, candidates are requested to take original documents with them to an interview for verification by the client.

Background Checks Completed and Report forwarded

We complete our comprehensive background checking to include any further reference verification (i.e. current employer reference).

We forward a detailed completed report to you.

Fee and Guarantee

Our agency placement fee is due in full after an offer of engagement has been verbally extended and accepted.

We charge 15% of net annual salary for all International Placements. 

We offer a replacement guarantee should things not go to plan.

Our fee covers

  • A full bespoke and personalised search
  • Comprehensive background checking
  • Placement guarantee

Ongoing support

  • We will be in touch with both you and your new employee in the first few weeks.
  • We provide ongoing support to both parties before, during, and after placement. We encourage you to call us with any questions.

Information specific to Overseas Placements 

Overseas Salaries

Salaries depend on qualifications and experience and start from £600 net per week to £1200+ net per week for all countries outside the UK. Salaries and benefits vary from country to country. Factors such as the cost of living, whether accommodation is provided, levels of tax and availability of candidates in the marketplace all affect salary levels

Standard working hours for Nannies working overseas

Overseas nannies work on average 10 – 12 hours a day, with 2 days off. Those hours can be negotiated and even stretched if agreed between the family and their nanny.

If a family require 24 hour cover, we recommend employing 2 nannies to do shift work - 3 days on and 3 days off.


A Nanny is expected to undertake all nursery duties relating to the children only.  Most nannies consider their job to be looking after every aspect of a child’s well-being. This includes:

  • providing a safe, fun and stimulating environment for the children
  • planning and preparing play and educational activities
  • doing nursery and school runs
  • taking children to appointments and activities and organising play sessions with other children
  • preparing meals and cleaning their bedrooms, bathrooms and playrooms


A Nanny requires her own bedroom and bathroom, if possible. The room should be furnished and have a television, internet access, a desk and good storage space. House rules should be made clear from the start and incorporated in the contract.

If a candidate is relocating from another country and the position does not include live-in accommodation, it is standard practice to provide accommodation for at least the first 3 months of employment.


Food has to be provided and paid for by the employer. The employer should detail the types of food that the family normally purchase. The nanny should detail the types of food she likes to eat and if she has any special dietary requirements. The nanny is entitled to request certain foods set within a reasonable budget determined by the employer.


Usually, 2 nights per week, which is included in their salary. Babysitting is normally agreed to be taken Monday-Friday.


Full time employees’ statutory holiday entitlement varies depending on the country where the candidate is to be employed. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the legal requirements relating to annual leave are met.  To attract the highest calibre candidates, it may be necessary to match or improve the candidate’s current holiday entitlement.

If the family requires their nanny to come on holiday with them, then this must be discussed and agreed prior to employment commencement. All travels expenses, food and nanny’s weekly wage will also need to be covered.

Overseas Family Registration Form

If you would like to speak to us about your requirements before you complete the detailed form below, please use this short contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements in due course.

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