Star Candidates

This section shows a  selection of candidates, who will be a great addition to any household. We try to keep this section updated as often as possible. Our aim is to show you a 'typical' HomeOrganisers  candidate and some of these candidates will have been placed, 

For further information on each profile:

Star-Candidate - EB7 - Wardrobe Stylist and Organiser

Star Candidate - HM8- Housekeeper Nanny, Nanny Housekeeper

Star Candidate - EM7- Nanny Housekeeper, Housekeeper, Nanny, House Manager

Star Candidate - NH3-Nanny Housekeeper, Housekeeper, Housekeeper PA, House Manager

Star-Candidate - CK1, Housekeeper, House Manager, Housekeeper/cook, Housekeeper/PA Housekeeper/Nanny, Cook/Chef

Star-Candidate - DC5, Nanny, Nanny Housekeeper

Star-Candidate - CA2- Gardener

Star-Candidate - ZN2-Nanny or Nanny/Housekeeper

Star Candidate - AG8 Housekeeper, Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - TK2-Nanny Housekeeper, Housekeeper, House Manager

Star-Candidate - MS4- Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - RM1 Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - AP4- Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - HM1-Nanny

Star-Candidate - AB7-Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - RW1-Nanny Housekeeper

Star-Candidate - LP4-Housekeeper Nanny

Star-Candidate - LE1 - Nanny

Star-Candidate - MM9- part time Nanny

Star-Candidate - JH1 -Nanny

Star-Candidate - IP1 - Housekeeper

Star-Candidate - MD1- Housekeeper

Star Candidate - LB1  - Housekeeper

Star Candidate - RD1 - Nanny/Housekeeper

Star Candidate - LT2 - Nanny/Housekeeper

Star Candidate - MB1- Housekeeper

Star Candidate - SM2 - Housekeeper/Nanny

Star Candidate - AC3 - Housekeeper

Star Candidate - CR1 - Housekeeper

Star Candidate - JH1- Nanny

Star Candidate - MR5  - Housekeeper/Nanny