Suggested Rates of Pay (Ranges)

Weekly Net Pay Range Approximate Annual Gross Salary Range
Full time Live in £400 - £550 £26000 - £40000+
Full time Daily £400 - £650 £26000 - £45000+
Full time Couples Salaries as above for each employee
Part time Daily £10 - £15per hour
Mother’s Help/Junior Full time £300- £350 £18500 - £22500

Please note that the salaries listed are approximate figures, based on a person with a standard tax code. Salary levels cover a wide ranges and should be used as a guide only. Actual salaries asked for and offered, reflect the Applicant’s level of experience, qualifications, and level of responsibility as well as the location of the position.

NB: Please be aware that in addition to the gross figure, the employer will also be responsible for paying Employer’s National Insurance and pension contribution