Housekeeper, Nanny, Companion and Domestic Staff Placement Service

The Nanny and Household Staff Placement Service

HomeOrganisers have provided a bespoke Nanny and Household Staff Placement Service for families for over 40 years. We appeal to discerning families who require a personal and experienced service tailored to their unique needs. We fully appreciate that it is a huge responsibility to find your nanny, companion or domestic staff and we take the greatest care in doing so.

We use a personal approach for every search. A quality domestic placement relies on not only matching location, work hours, and duties, but also personalities, lifestyles, and moral values. Chemistry and compatibility between a family and a nanny or domestic worker are essential to a successful placement and rewarding working relationship.

We conduct a full, individualised search for every client.

Our Process-Step by Step

Job Description and Search

After reviewing your completed Family Registration Form and with reference to our various conversations, we draft a precise job description aimed to attract high calibre candidates. We present your job possibility to our candidates who have already registered and passed our comprehensive screening and we also apply our proven recruitment techniques to attract new candidates.

Our search is thorough and we aim to consider all viable candidates from various sources.

Matching Logistics

We ensure that every candidate we recommend has the required experience and credentials, is available to work the hours needed, lives within a reasonable commute from your home, and is able to commit to the anticipated length of employment.

Matching Character and Values

We select candidates for recommendation that have the type of character that will blend in well with your family profile and dynamics. We recommend the candidates who understand and respect your family lifestyle, share similar family values, and have strong work ethics.

Motivation and Commitment

We spend time reviewing your job description with potential candidates to determine if the available position is a good fit and determine the elements of the position that attract the candidate. We are looking for a strong match between your position requirements and candidate expectations as well as high levels of interest and motivation.

Without doubt, the success and length of a working relationship depends on the happiness and fulfilment of both the employer and the employee.

Short listed Candidates

We recommend the short-listed candidates for your position by submitting the original CV.  We highlight the candidate’s strengths and relevance to your job requirements. If time is of the essence, we are able to send this information to you as and when we find a good match, otherwise, we send a shortlist of selected candidates.

Job Interviews

We coordinate and arrange all candidate interviews for you, handling all scheduling, confirmation, and communication. We recommend conducting the interviews in your home, although we can arrange alternate locations if needed. After interviews, we contact you to get your feedback on the candidates and share our insights. We also contact all interviewed candidates for their feedback.

Trial Session

We actively encourage a trial session with your chosen candidate.  This is a great way to assess mutual suitability. You may request that candidate work for a few hours, one or more days.  There is no charge for the first trial session, subsequent trial days are charged at the current temporary placement fee and trial sessions may not exceed one full week. Please be aware that not all candidates are able to do a trial session as they may be already employed, for example.

Background Screening

Standard Background checks are included in the placement fee and will have been initiated during candidate registration.

The Standard Background check includes: -

  • Identity Check
  • Address Validation
  • Reference Verification (minimum 2)
  • Enhanced DBS (Criminal reference checks)
  • Right to Work

Reference Letters, Diplomas and Certificates

We provide you with supporting documents for your selected candidate, including reference letters, education diplomas or certificates, continuing education or training certificates, and first aid or CPR certificates.

Making the Job Offer

We serve as the liaison between you and the selected candidate in the job offer process. We help negotiate salary, calculate holiday, confirm the employment start date, and finalise any other important matters.

Full Candidate Information

We provide you with full contact information for your hired candidate, including home address, phone numbers, and email address. We also send you a copy of your new employee’s government-issued ID.

Background Checks Completed and Report forwarded

We complete our comprehensive background checking to include any further reference taking (i.e. current employer reference). We forward a detailed completed report to you. We also provide you with contact details for the referees, so you can  verify the references for yourself.

Fee and Guarantee

Our agency placement fee is due in full after an offer of engagement has been verbally extended and accepted.

Our fee covers

  • A full bespoke and personalised search
  • Comprehensive background checking
  • Placement guarantee

 Contract of Employment 

We provide a template Contract of Employment.  Nanny Tax/Staff Tax offer a bespoke Contract of Employment, free of charge to all subscribers of their payroll services.   


If you employ a nanny or household staff member in the UK, you have the same legal responsibilities as a commercial employer and you must operate a PAYE scheme and pay Tax and National Insurance on their behalf

HomeOrganisers are pleased to work with Nanny Tax ( and their sister company, Staff Tax ( Nanny Tax and Staff Tax have been supporting domestic employers for over 20 years and is the original and leading payroll support service for employers in the home. For a fixed annual fee they provide unlimited advice and support on all pay and employment related issues.

Alternatively, you can investigate the Government guide to employing Staff.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to both parties before, during, and after placement. We encourage you to call us with any questions.

Contact Us

To request a call back, please use this short Contact Form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements in due course.

Please complete our Family Registration Form if you would like us to begin the search for your ‘Perfect fit' candidate

Alternatively, Phone +44(0)1932 254686, anytime.