Candidate Summary for EAK60323

Location: Kingston, Surrey

Languages: Fluent English,

Driver: Yes, and has own car

Number of years’ relevant experience: 5+ years’ experience

Live-in/Daily: Daily

Part-Time/Full-Time: Either

DBS: Enhanced DBS dated 25 November 2022

Preferred position: Housekeeper, Housekeeper Nanny

Availability /notice period: Immediate



I'm a Pilates enthusiast and take regular classes to stay flexible and strong. I enjoy driving and it's given me the ability to explore this beautiful continent we live on. I'm also passionate about climate change and our environment so I incorporate this into my work in reducing waste through recycling and lowering carbon emissions I.e., driving an electric car.

Housekeeping is something that I coincidentally got into. I was in the right place at the right time when an opportunity presented itself. And I felt confident to get into this profession as it's something I'm a natural at... I liked organising and cleaning in detail as a child and it's become something of an art to me. I find the process very therapeutic and comfortable. Once a job is complete, I get huge satisfaction from seeing what I've accomplished! I prefer to work in a job where I am actively making a positive improvement to a living space and to a family.

In my current role as an airbnb co-host, I typically do a full clean of a 2 bed flat, do 3 loads of washing, communicate any issues to the employer and arrange repairs if need be. Return keys ready for guests to access. This takes around 3 hours.

In my previous role I have also done childcare as well as housekeeping