How we Find the Perfect Fit

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What do we mean by the perfect fit? At HomeOrganisers, we pride ourselves on finding the best candidates for your needs. We put all of our resources together to find the highest quality candidates who deliver exactly what you are looking for, matching both the job requirements and your family’s lifestyle in the process. Here’s how we complete our detailed step-by-step method!


The search:

Our searches are extensive and customised to every client. For every job, we advertise on recognised, industry-specific job boards to attract new, high-calibre candidates. We also consult our huge database of 50 years of amazing, pre-screened candidates which we regularly update with new information. We have a very active friends and family referral scheme, where the best candidates recommend the best candidates. Altogether, this gives us a large pool of trusted and new candidates to evaluate and review!


We conduct two interviews with every candidate before recommending them for our active jobs. This means that we really get to know our candidates. We advise candidates on how to align their skills, qualifications and experience with what they want from a job, so that when an offer of employment is made, candidates can make more informed decisions. All our candidates match rigorous agency requirements and we always take a minimum of two references.

Background Checks:

Before candidates reach interview stage, we conduct a thorough background check. This involves an enhanced DBS check, identity check, right to work, address validation and reference taking.

Family Registration and Consultation:

Finding the perfect fit is all about understanding the needs of the families we work with. Through convenient online forms and speaking with our clients, we gather the information we need to create custom job descriptions and provide tailored recommendations.

Hiring domestic staff can be a very personal process, and our friendly team is always on hand to make sure that you are confident and comfortable bringing a new employee into your home.

If you would like to begin your search for the perfect candidate, submit a vacancy with us today!


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