Hiring a Nanny or a Housekeeper? Our Top Tips for Building a Great Relationship from Day One:

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A new Nanny or Housekeeper’s first day is always important. You’ve had the chance to get to know them through interviews, their candidate profile, and a trial session, but nothing sets the tone of a new job more than Day One. As an employer, this is the perfect opportunity to lay the foundations for a great relationship going forward. Here’s how:

Share your Expectations:

Every Housekeeping or Nanny job is unique. From what you want to prioritise, to your daily schedule, to how much screen time you would like your children to have, it is important to lay out exactly how you would like things to be done early on.

Ensuring that you have a clear discussion at the start will allow your Housekeeper or Nanny to work their magic whilst not missing any important elements. Having this conversation on day one also provides the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns, paving the way for clear and open communication from the outset.

Respect their Personal Life:

Getting to know your Housekeeper or Nanny is a cornerstone of any great relationship. Whether they are live-in or live-out, it goes without saying that they will have a personal life and other obligations to fulfil. Respecting that they may not be able to always commit to extra work or showing that you are open to being flexible about hours will set a good tone from the very beginning. Have a chat and get to know what they are interested in – it will go a long way.

Know your Employer Responsibilities:

As an employer of a Housekeeper or Nanny, you have the same legal responsibilities as any commercial employer. Setting a good rate of pay and ensuring that you are on top of things like pension contributions and tax and NI show that you are committed to doing everything right and creates a great space to work in.

Be Appreciative:

From congratulating on a job well done, to expressing gratitude regularly - showing appreciation is fundamental to any good relationship. It opens up a two-way street of communication, as gratitude and praise acts as feedback on how well they are doing. At the same time, it also gives domestic staff a chance to raise any questions or concerns.

Interested in Hiring a Housekeeper or Nanny?

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